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Meredith Axelrod

"I can't think of much that I know about that I'd be itching to release if I had the chance, though there's this girl in San Francisco who sings in the cafes, and there's a ton of phone quality videos on YouTube where she's being drowned out by people talking, but she's got a great voice, she's a delightful oddball, and a total goddess. Her name is Meredith Axelrod, and she does old songs from the 20s, and not the ones you'd recognize either, it's mostly deep cuts, and she plays with a wide variety of nodifferent people, but the best ones are when it's just her, or her and Craig ventresco, who is a monster guitar player (he did the score to the Crumb documentary, and has some other solo stuff out), and better still when she's playing in her kitchen so you can hear it properly. I'd love to have a not-too-overproduced LP of all her best songs. She's fantastic." - Nick Schultz

Delightfully engaging and unassumingly comic Meredith Axelrod envisions the limitless potential of early twentieth century music and embodies the spirit that brought the music into existence in the first place. Her "homemade" vocal style is unusual probably because she learned to sing by listening to how folks did it a century ago – through the medium of cylinders and 78-rpm records. The dominant theme throughout her expansive repertoire is that whatever the genre these are songs she learns from the original sources (records and / or sheet music) which were released between the 1890s and the 1930s. She performs all over the world and most recently gave a show with Frank Fairfield at Symphony Space in Manhattan.